Monday, 27 October 2014

Life Drawing Withdrawal

I was flicking through my sketchbook over the weekend when I stumbled over some life drawing studies and was overcome with a wave of withdrawal. Somehow I don't feel like I've been drawing at all unless I've been life drawing.

As usual, I'll pop in a break and for those of you who don't wish to continue, please enjoy these drawings of fellow passengers on a train and appreciate how truly creepy I felt surreptitiously drawing them...

It has been nearly a month since I last had a life drawing session! I'm back at uni now so thank goodness, it's starting again this week. Over the weekend, to get 'back in shape', I went to some life drawing websites and did some studies.

These were done using red and blue animation pencils, one drawing on top of another on postcard-sized paper. I apologise if the colours look a little funny, but I had to play with the balance in photoshop to make the two figures distinguishable from each other!

For anyone interested, the sites I use are PixelovelyPosemaniacsSenshistock and QuickPoses. These are life drawing sites - there are no 'graphic' or tasteless images - they are there for artists to get practice and study anatomy.

Well, it doesn't often happen that I'm relaxed enough on a Monday to almost forget to post, but there you have it! I apologise for the late hour but I remembered in the end! Have a good week everyone and I'll be back again on Friday!