Monday, 13 October 2014

Life Drawing

Life drawing is incredibly important for animators on many levels; it helps us practice anatomy, speed drawing and most of all getting the feel of weight and movement into our drawings. Over the last four weeks I have been attending a regular life drawing session and would like to share some of my favourite drawings here.

As you can see from my journal post before the first session,
I am very excited to be life drawing again! 

For those of you who do not know what life drawing is or have just stumbled over my blog, I have inserted a break here and a (tasteful) nudity warning.

Wednesday 16 October; Week 1

Having not done any life drawing since breaking up for the summer holidays in June, I was fairly pleased with these drawings made in the first session. Each drawing was timed and was between 1 and 5 minutes in length. Generally I prefer it that way - the short amount of time makes the drawing more energetic and I have no opportunity to overwork the drawing!

Wednesday 23 October; Week 2

I was feeling a bit less 'out of shape' this week; a very good thing as the session started with 26 one minute poses! It was a real artistic workout! The longest poses I'm posting here were 5 minutes long. As you (I hope!) can see, we had a different model this week. She was brilliant in the one minute poses as she was happy to do some much more strenuous poses that you can't hold for much longer than a minute, if that. It's good to get some variety.

Wednesday 30 October; Week 3

Our first male model of the year! Also, the first longer poses that I've posted; I really must stop overworking those.The longest pose here was 15 minutes (the last drawing).

Wednesday 6 November; Week 4

Our model this week was more athletic than the one from the week previous. As such we got some great dynamic poses. He managed to hold the headstand for 3 minutes! I feel like this week's session was the first time I really got back into the swing of life drawing. I was pleased with the small amount of shading in the image on the bottom left hand side and most of all I'm pleased with the last drawing's knee! My coursemates laugh at me but the knee on the left hand side of the final drawing makes me feel vindicated!

I will be continuing going to life drawing every wednesday and hopefully I will continue to improve. For now though, back to animation - you'll be seeing my final animation for this coursework on Monday!

Until then!