Monday, 20 October 2014

Life Drawing

I realised over the weekend that the end of term means the end of life drawing until January, so it seems like a good a time to update my blog with the drawings I've done since the last life drawing post. Once again, I'll put in a break just in case you've stumbled over my blog and either don't know what life drawing is or just don't want to see naked people!

For those of you who won't click to see more of this post, please accept some quick development sketches of my mouse character from my film idea as a 'mini' post.

Warning: (tasteful) nudity beyond this point.

Each of these drawings took between 1 and 10 mins. I love these shorter poses because you get so much energy into them! It also means the model can make more extreme and interesting poses.


The drawing above with lots of arms and legs came about as the model moved every minute. The point was to follow the movement and animators do this fairly often. I'm still getting used to it though!

The next life drawing session I do will be in 2014! How quickly this year has gone!

Have a good week everyone and I'll be back on Friday!