Monday, 24 August 2015

Canada Comic

Hi everybody, I hope you're all well and have had/are having a lovely summer! Since you last heard from me I've been to Canada, staying with my family and dear friends at a lake house in Quebec. It was totally wonderful and very needed after a hectic third year! Whilst there I produced a mini-comic in watercolours based at the lake. I thought I'd share a couple of panels with you today.

For the comic I used A4 pieces of paper which I divided into double-page spreads. Having thumbnailed the story I knew that by working on such a small scale the project would take very little time and I could enjoy painting without worrying about finishing. It's been a while since I last worked with watercolours and I loved using them again!

Since you last heard from me I have also graduated from university and started my new job at Fettle Animation! I started today and I love it already. Hopefully now that I'm back on a regular schedule and in the UK again, Monday posting can resume!