Monday, 28 September 2015

Pre-Production and Style Tests

So, as I mentioned last week I have an idea for a new film. I've started some pre-production this week in the evenings after work and this is what I've got. Above is an influence map of what I'm looking at - on the far left are photographs of industrial revolution cities, where my story is set. As you move further right, the photographs change into drawings and paintings that are influencing me visually and stylistically. I really like the idea of emphasising colours and shapes in the designs.

Above is a quick animation test I did over a very rough concept background. The girl (as yet unnamed) in the shot is the main character of the story. In this shot she's sneaking around at night, avoiding the police who might stop her.

I'm playing with the idea of using variations of one colour over an entire background; this is a sunny day, versus the purple night in the animation test. I'm also experimenting with simplicity versus detail. I'm looking for a balance that leaves the focus as the shapes and colours but gives a bit more information and life than the above test.