Monday, 18 May 2015

Variations, Moods, Compositing

Last week I posted the following image. It was the background of the very first shot of the film. It's sunset and the scene is bright:

Since last week, Josh and I started talking again about the colours of the film and the implied moods that they create. We agreed that at the beginning of the film we actually wanted a moodier/darker feel so that the relief and optimism at the end of the film is more pronounced. With this in mind, I created this new version:

A while back our tutor suggested that we could create a nice completing-of-the-circle feeling for the film by repeating the first shot of the film at the end of the film. We took this on board as it did provide a sense of emotional completeness and so here is the final background; the lighthouse at sunrise:

My wonderful friend and housemate Georgie Dutton has come on board of the project to help us composite the film. Very, very soon these backgrounds will have CG water in them! The final deadline is this Friday so next time I post the film will be complete. See you on the other side!