Monday, 4 August 2014

An Update

I am in Spain at the moment, working as an au pair and yesterday afternoon I went into Madrid to spend a few absolutely amazing hours sketching in The Prado Museum. I've been there once before and can honestly say that I think it's my favourite art gallery in the world. The collections are just incredible! This is also a special year for The Prado - it's the fourth centenary of the death of El Greco, an old master who influenced much of 20th Century art (including Picasso, Cezanne and Manet amongst others). He was Grecian (thus the name 'The Greek') but spent much of his working life painting in Spain. The Prado houses one of the largest collections of his work in the world and they are all out in one glorious exhibit! These photos are of a selection of the sketches I did yesterday from around the museum.