Monday, 30 June 2014

Summer Holidays

Hello all and happy summer holidays! I've been looking back on the year this week and thought I'd share some things with you. Thing number one; I found this photo of me from the day I finished animating. Take a look at tired-but-happy me with my stack of frames!

So tired, but so happy!
Thing number two; the lovely Bethan has posted some more of the backgrounds she coloured for me. Check them out here!

Thing number three; a production test for which I used AfterEffects for the first time ever! A big shout-out to Amber (one of the lovely third years) who helped me work out how AfterEffects works!
Thing number four that I should have mentioned a while ago; I went to see 'The Wind Rises' in London before its official release and my review of it has been published on Skwigly